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Monday, April 12, 2021

India’s first hydrogen fuel cell car had its run trials

CSIR (The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) and KPIT launched and ran trials on India’s first Hydrogen Fuel Cell induced car.


HFC is a unique technology that is eco-friendly as it only emits water instead of harmful chemical greenhouse gas affecting the environment.


Properties of HFC technology used car


HFC is a technology that used hydrogen and oxygen from the air, discarding the fossil fuels that then helps in emitting water. The fuel technology that has been used as a low-temperature facility around 65-75 degrees Celsius, known as PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane).


This kind of fuel cell is appropriate for cars. It is a collaboration between CSIR and KPIT, and they have developed together with a 10 kWe (Kilowatt-electric) automotive grade LT-PEMFC, based on CSIR’s technique.


The fuel cell technology also includes membrane electrode assembly. It needs a much smaller battery for a range of operating conditions.


To match with the CSIR’s technique, KPIT brought in its stack expertise in engineering and build lightweight bipolar metal plate ad gasket design, develop a balance of plant (BoP), controlled system integration, software, and electric powertrain which then further allowed the fuel cell vehicle to run smoothly.


The weight of the stack has been minimized by two-thirds, as the fuel cell stack used incredibly thin bipolar metal plates.


Purpose of preparing HFC technology-based vehicles


The run trials were done in a battery-electric five-seater sedan car. But, it has been expected that the technology will be more suitable for commercial vehicles, like buses and trucks.


In this way, it will lessen the emission of various harmful gases, and it will also decrease the petrol and diesel import bill. Hydrogen is the cleanest fuel with its safest by-product, water.


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