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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Is PM’s SVAMITVA a new saviour of the rural people?

SVAMITVA is a scheme launched by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in April this year. The scheme was prepared to provide property cards to rural people.

This Sunday, the PM launched the physical distribution of property cards under the SVAMITVA scheme. He believes that this is an iconic move in benefitting rural India.


SVAMITVA is a scheme launched by the Prime Minister, which means Survey of Villages and Mapping With Improvised Technology in Village Areas. The scheme was launched to upgrade rural land records, provide village households with a log of their assets, and grant property cards.


This launch will help to allow a minimum of one lakh property owners to download their property cards via SMS and clear the path for the villagers to use their property as a capital product.



Across six states, a total of 763 villages have been beneficiated by this scheme, which includes 346 from Uttar Pradesh, 221 from Haryana, 100 from Maharashtra, 50 from Uttarakhand, 44 from Madhya Pradesh, and two from Karnataka.


The six states have signed an MoU with the Survey for having drone surveys in rural areas and the proper execution of the scheme. SVAMITVA is a scheme of the Panchayat Raj and Rural Development Ministry.


It will be implemented across in a phased framework in the whole country, covering a minimum of 6.62 lakh villages, over the next four years.

The purpose of the scheme

Land records are inaccurate or do not even exist in rural India thus this scheme will help in registering and keeping a log of the areas and properties of rural people with the help of drones.


There has been a problem in having proper ownership of lands. This scheme helps rural people with that. These land records play a very crucial part for the Gram Panchayats, who struggle in creating a way for income, particularly through property taxes.


According to the 2018 Economic Survey, just 19% of the possible property tax that was collected by Gram Panchayats. The scheme will also help rural India to have financial stability.

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