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Medical Delivery Drones Helping Fight COVID-19 in Ghana

The pandemic has locked down everybody in their homes, but this does not stop Ghana from getting the COVID-19 tests done. They added some specially designed Medical delivery drones in their team to fight this dangerous virus that helps them by fetching samples from people, getting them tested. Hence providing the result(via SMS).

From where did the idea of using Medical Delivery Drones come?

Bismark Sarkodie(the Municipal Director of Health Services in Ghana) is the reason behind the introduction of Medical delivery drones. To fight Covid-19, he ordered 244 construction workers for creating a camp and found that 3 of those workers are tested positive for coronavirus.

All the 244 workers were extremely depressed and wanted to get themself tested. During that time, Bismark Sarkodie took them to a nearby health facility. Within some time, they were asked to give their samples, and with the help of medical delivery drones, their samples reached a testing facility.

Hence within a few days, they were able to get the results of their samples via an SMS.

Everything about Medical Delivery Drones:

Medical Deliver Drones

The size of these drones are 6-foot long that are built using 14-inch propellers. Moreover, they can offer an impressive speed of 70 miles per hour.

Most people think that they land down for getting the samples, but instead of that, the developers of these medical delivery drones found a better way to handle a patient’s sample. That is by adding a belly door on the drone.

From the belly door, a small box would be sent down once it reaches an accessible place for the patient, then they can add their sample boxes in it. Hence the box flies back to the drone itself.

There are a total of two COVID-19 testing labs in the cities of Ghana. Those are Accra and Kumasi, the drones go to the nearby lab, providing them the samples.

Who is operating the Medical Delivery Drones in Ghana?

Zipline is the company which is operating all such medical delivery drones helping fight COVID-19 in Ghana.

How much help are the Medical Delivery Drones?

If we have a look at the numbers, then there are just eight medical delivery drones helping fight COVID-19 in Ghana initially. They transported 58 samples with those eight drones.

No one has to move out for getting themself tested is the most significant advantage of medical delivery drones.

Where else can we find such Medical Delivery Drones?

Ghana was the first place to use Medical delivery drones to help them fight COVID-19. But reports state that the US will be the second place to take advantage of these drones for testing purposes.

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