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NASA’s Vehicle SpaceX Dragon Enters Orbit: Here Is How

NASA’s vehicle SpaceX Dragon enters orbit with the team of four astronauts. Read below about the launch.

From Florida, a team of four astronauts arrived on the orbit in a SpaceX rocket as a part of NASA mission’s International Space Station.

Due to the poor weather, the launch was made on Sunday which was set on Saturday. It was launched on a Sunday as the Falcon 9 rocket took off from Kennedy Space Center, NASA station. The first stage of the rocket was landed after nine minutes on a drone ship.

NASA’s Vehicle SpaceX Dragon

Image: Space X, Twitter

This will carry the astronauts on SpaceX’s primary operational tour to the space station. The newest Crew-1 mission launch was after 18 years of Elon Musk established by Space Exploration Technologies Corp. with the final aim of sending the population to the different planets.

The Crew-1 mission indicates a significant breakthrough in the growth of a space activity, where the private-sector firms present business and tourism assistance.

Image: www.spacex.com

After the Space Shuttle’s retirement in 2011, NASA granted SpaceX and Boeing Co. approximately $7 billion in deals to develop new carrier operations to the space service in the agency’s Commercial Crew list. Commander Michael Hopkins who is an Air Force colonel and a test pilot will go on a second mission of the Crew-1 mission after the first launch seven years ago. In which, Shannon Walker, a physicist and Houston native will be the second assignment on the orbiting lab.

As per NASA, Navy pilot, Victor Glover, California is taking his first space flight. He will be staying on the space station for a six-month rotation. 

A Japanese astronaut and aeronautical engineer, Soichi Noguchi with many years of experience will be in the crew and has been in vehicles Russia’s Soyuz, the Space Shuttle, and also will be on the SpaceX Dragon.

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