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Scientists used GMRT to study star formation in 8,000 galaxies

A team of astronomers and scientists from the National Centre for Radio Astrophysics (NCRA) Pune and Raman Research Institute (RRI), Bengaluru, used the upgraded GMRT (Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope) and studied star formation in 8,000 galaxies. Scientists used GMRT to study star formation and mentioned that after two billion years, there will not be enough hydrogen left to form stars.

Did you know that hydrogen form stars?

Galaxy is made of gas and stars, and hydrogen gas has contributed to star formation since 10 billion years ago.

After the scientists used GMRT to study star formation, they are saying that with the depletion of the gas in the universe, the star formation won’t last more than two billion years.

GMRT to study star formation in 8,000 galaxies

GMRT Antenna, Photo by Rakesh Rao

The Indian team could not study the galaxy longer. The hydrogen signals need to be captured by high sensitive radio signals, and the GMRT could not allow more than 850 galaxies because of its narrow bandwidth.

The study of the stars can be done with the help of optical wavelengths but when it comes to galaxies, it needs higher sensitivity and frequency ranges. Scientists used GMRT to study star formation which is upgraded and it has supported the scientists to scan five locations for 100 hours and allowed them to study on such a vast galaxy.

This study has proved the up-gradation of scientific technology as this is the first time an Indian team has measured the atomic hydrogen gas content using a radio telescope.

The future of the star formation

The reason behind the depletion of hydrogen gas in the universe is unknown because the scientists did not have an estimation of how much the atomic hydrogen gas was there in the universe.

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