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Shocking! not only Earth but the whole universe is getting hotter over time

A shocking but the fact, the whole universe along with Earth is facing rising temperature says a new study

Ohio State University Center for Cosmology and AstroParticle Physics came up with a study which stated that the whole universe is getting hotter.

Universe facing a rise in temperature 

This announcement was made after many examinations by scientists were made on the thermal records of the universe of the last 10 billion years.

As per the study, the universe’s mean temperature of gases is rising more than ten times during the last 10 billion years. They have seen that the temperature, has touched up to 2 million degrees, Kelvin, which is approximately 4 million degrees Fahrenheit.

The new study’s author Yi-Kuan Chiang of The Ohio State University Center for Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics stated the new measurement confirms the substantial work by Jim Peebles. The theory of Peebles set that the large-scale structures form the universe.

The study stated the force of gravity drags dark matter along with the gas together into galaxies and clusters. The drag is so strong that the majority of the gas is warmed.

The new method was used by the scientists to know the temperature of gas which is away from Earth. The measurements made by the new method was compared to gases closer to Earth.

The scientists mentioned that the “universe is getting hotter over time due to the gravitational collapse of cosmic structure, and the heating will likely continue”.

Planck and the Sloan Digital Sky Survey data was referred to see how the universe’s heat has risen.

Chiang stated, the natural method of galaxy and structure creation is the reason for the temperature rise. He further added that the method is irrelevant to the global warming occurring on Earth. He stated that the two events are occurring on vastly varying measures and are not related.

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