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Senior citizen couple provides free online tuitions for poor

Senior citizen couple began online tuitions for poor children. Badrinath Vittal, an 80-year-old IIT Bombay alum, and his wife Indira Vittal, residents of Karnataka, started giving free online classes.

Now, 100 students attend their classes regularly, and a few more wants to enlist their names in the online classes. But they are facing problems as they do not have proper gadget.

Senior citizen couple’s online classes

Photo Credits: Badrinath Vittal

Badrinath Vittal has graduated from IIT Bombay in MTech and worked in major dam construction projects as hydraulic engineers. Badrinath and his wife Indira started their tutoring journey by their maid’s children.

They were teaching them for over six years now. But, this lockdown phase has put everyone into tough times that made them to decide giving classes online. They bought smartphones for the two kids and started conducting online classes.

How did they get so many students?

They didn’t get their students from online campaigns or advertisements. The details about these senior citizen couple online tutors spread through word of mouth.

Now, they have 100 students in total and many others who want to be a part of their online tuitions.

What do they teach?

Indira Vittal teaches the language part, and Badrinath takes care of the core subjects, including Maths and Science.

They started teaching the kids among them, one is in the 12th standard, and the other one is on the 6th.

They teach students from classes 4 to 12. A lot of retired teachers and professors wanted to work with them voluntarily.

Students come online to learn from different parts of Karnataka, some from Doddaballapur, Chikkaballapur, places near Bengaluru, and many more. The classes are free. The main motive behind their initiative is to enrich the poor students academically.

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