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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Shamsuddin returns to India after spending three decades in Pakistan

Shamsuddin, a 70-year-old from Kanpur returned back home after spending 28 years in Pakistan. He was claimed to be a spy from India and was sent to prison for eight years but was absolved of the charge later.

He is a shoemaker who in 1992 left India after a misunderstanding with some relatives. He left to Pakistan on a 90 day visa.

He was quarantined soon after his return in Amritsar on October 26. And on Monday, UP police led him to Kanpur after an interrogation.

Shamsuddin was sent, to jail as he was claimed, of spying which led him to serve eight years imprisonment.

He left India looking for employment was misled by his relative in Pakistan. His relative faked papers of Shamsuddin being as a Pakistani national.

With having a fake nationality, he was then caught by the Pakistani intelligence while he went to renew his passport who tried to return back to India.

Shamsuddin was then pointed as an Indian spy and charged him in the anti-national crimes and forging documents along with having a fake passport.

Due to the COVID19 rules made him stay at a 14-day quarantine, where he was sent back to his family after completion.

Team of UP policemen presented Shamsuddin sweets and garlanded and, his colony was filled, with celebration. His family who thought he would never come back home was filled with joy and tears by his return.

As Pakistan and India is the neighbouring countries, immigration history is seen, between both the countries. He also cited as this is the most significant day for him.

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