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Dr. Shila Dasgupta’s journey as world record holder

Dr. Shila Dasgupta, a woman from Andhra Pradesh, secured a place in the list of world record holders.

She started her journey from Bihar, Siliguri in her childhood, and then eventually ended up at Andhra Pradesh, where she is staying for the past 15 years.

A woman is wholesome in herself and can balance work and home equally. If she is not working outside, that doesn’t mean she is not working inside. But, housewives never get that respect.

From housewife to the world record stage

Dr. Shila Dasgupta is a classical singer herself, and she got this talent from her mother. So, she made a new National and World Record by chanting Hanuman Chalisa (a spiritual verse on Hanuman) in 1 min and 45 seconds.

She believes that spiritualism helps in calming her stress, and thus she completed her thesis paper on stress-free living through spiritualism. She received her doctorate from The Diocese of Asia, Chennai, and was honored by the Honourable Judge N.F.J. Ponnudurai (President Human Rights Vigilance).

She also has enlisted her name under the Indian Book of Record Holder. Dr. Shila is a multifaceted wonder woman who is a special mother too.

A journey of becoming a special mother

Dr. Shila has two sons, Sai Kaustuv Dasgupta and Kushal Dasgupta. Sai was a Kathak dancer himself when he was very young, but soon then, he was diagnosed with a rare bone disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta.

After being diagnosed, the doctor advised him not to dance anymore, and slowly wheelchair became his best friend. But, his mother didn’t give up and taught him classical singing instead. Now, he is a singer, a motivational speaker, and also a graphic designer.

She believes that it is quite a task to become a special mother, but she feels blessed to be one. She is not at all ashamed of her son in front of society rather, she is a proud special mother.

Take-away from her

If you have your will power, nothing should seem difficult. You shall always put forward your priorities and then work accordingly.

Dr. Shila Dasgupta teaches us how to live life with patience and perseverance and find true happiness.


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