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Shweta’s Creative miniatures will amaze you…

Despite having many degrees, Shweta Choudhary has been creating unique miniature clay artwork. A teacher turned artist talks about her interest and passion to Platocast.

Bhopal based Shweta Choudhary has been creating miniature from the past three years. She believed in her passion and love towards art. Shweta was into teaching and worked with many schools and Engineering colleges. She has completed M. Tech in Nano Technology and MSc in Physics.

Shweta transforms photographs of people into life-size miniatures. Her fabulous artwork is appreciated by the people and she receives numerous orders for the people who want to give memorable gifts to their loved ones.

She came up with Shweta’s Creative Ideas Arts and Crafts Store in which she makes personalised clay nameplates, miniature, home decorative as per the clients choice and delivered all over India.

She is a self-taught artist and used to draw whenever she used to come across something interesting on the internet.

Initially, she tried making her sister’s miniature by coping from the photo. She said, “surprisingly everyone, started appreciating.”

“After I had my child, I had a lot for free time and wanted to do something valuable and never wanted to sit idle. I then joined some Facebook group and started to build interest in clay work. I began making clay art and got appreciation from family and friends. And then I created Facebook page and, many started ordering for the miniature clay art,” she said to Platocast.

The happiness I get making these miniatures I may not get it in any other,” she added.  She receives a lot of orders throughout the country and has appreciated for her work.

” I am doing miniature from last two-three years before that I have made frameworks in which I made 3D faces. I copy the photos to make the features. The most difficult part is to make the face features which almost takes me 3-4 hours to make one,” Shweta said.

She believes in improving her artwork in making clay miniatures through a lot of practice and suggests the same to the budding artists.

She said, ” Two-three years before I have tried other art forms like tribal arts and many more and I used to teach kids. I have also made paintings and floral works. I also conduct online classes and workshops. I tried Dhokra art with clay and have received a good response. It is my waste out of best creation.”

” I recycle the plastic and waste materials by making art out of it by my imagination. I enjoy a lot at the same time people are also enjoying. I am self-learner and self-taught,” she further added.

Striving hard towards her passion, Shweta was able to find happiness and looks forward in making new creations.

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