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Monday, April 12, 2021

Sindhuri, A 10-year-old Disabled Stitches Masks In One Hand

Sindhuri, 10-year-old girl from Udupi sets an example that the disability can never come in the way to achieve. Meet Sindhuri who stitched masks in one hand to distribute it to the SSLC students of Karnataka during their exams.

Sindhuri stitched about 15 masks with her one hand as a part of scout and guide as a target of one lakh masks for the people. She was born without the left hand below her elbow. The photos of her stitching the masks went viral on social media.

Image: Sindhuri

She is in the sixth standard studying at Mount Rosary English Medium School, Udupi. The masks that were stitched by her was given away to the SSLC students. The students appeared for their exams in Karnataka which was conducted on 25 June and ended on 4 July.

She in an interview with Platocast said, “we had a target to stitch about one lakh masks during that time as a part of scout and guide wings. I  stitched 15 masks for the same”.

Sindhuri added, ” my teacher motivated me to stitch the masks and, with the help of  my mother, I was able to stitch them.”

Sindhuri’s mother said, ” I was scared to teach her initially but, she took it slow. I never knew she could handle it so well, so, I motivated her to make more of them”.

” She was able to stitch about 50 masks till date and I am proud of her,” her mother added.

She is doing her part to fight against COVID-19.

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