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Tanishq withdraws their advertisement after being trolled on Twitter

The Tanishq advertisement faced controversy on social media which led to a point that they had to take down the advertisement. It has been a sad day for Tanishq, Indian advertising, and Indian society as well. A day after being brutishly trolled on Twitter for glorifying love Jihad, Tanishq, a jewellery brand owned by Titan Ltd, had to withdraw their campaign “Ekatvam” from all media platforms.

This isn’t the first time that an advertisement or a campaign has been pulled down because of negative reactions from people. The 45-second long video is all about a Muslim family celebrating their pregnant South Indian daughter-in-law’s baby shower ceremony.

Tanishq, being part of Titan Ltd, has over the years shone a light on various issues in the society, including widow remarriage and the acceptance of the LGBTQ community into society. The company has faced negative reactions before but always have held a firm belief that the issues they were supporting were important.

Why is this entire campaign being criticized?

The advertisement was attacked for glorifying love jihad. A term that was coined by Hindu extremists, referring to an alleged campaign by Muslims to convert Hindu girls in the appearance of love. There was criticism stating that the brand is promoting false secular sentiment, and hurting the feelings of a particular religion. People against this entire campaign started tweeting with the hashtag #BoycottTanishq, in which they called for a ban on the advertisement and also to put a prohibition on the jewelry brand.

At present Tanishq has collapsed to the pressure and noise created by the people on social media. There could have been a passing study from the social media analytics who could present the previous hashtags and the ‘backlash’ as this is the noise that should have been completely ignored. Unfortunately, Tanishq failed to understand this and has bent to this furor.

Let’s look at what the supporters and influencers have to say about this:

Meanwhile, a section of supporters has lauded their efforts to highlight the beauty of interfaith marriages in order to upload the true idea of a liberated India. The senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor tweeted:

A large number of celebrities and influencers have expressed their disappointment with Tanishq for giving up like this. Did Tanishq anticipate the loss of goodwill that might cost them when they decided to take this their campaign down?

The advertisement that Tanishq pulled down was one such example where it made the consumers believe that a celebration that is portrayed in the advertisement can one turn into an accepted norm by society. Targeting the stereotypes in order to celebrate the spirit of an emancipated young Indian woman, Tanishq advertising has always been liberal and bold, which gave hope for a better India. By this unexpected surrender, they take away a lot of that hope.

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