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Teacher from Rural India makes learning fun with Augmented Reality Tools

Learning with fun is a new mantra to engage students for a teacher from Rural India, Basavaraj Sungari. What if your online classes looked like a reality when your teacher could teach with a solar system surrounding him/her and an elephant in the classroom?


Check out the video here:


Mr. Basavaraj Sungari travels 26kms to make just videos with Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) tools. Let’s Read.


Here to make the learning interesting Mr. Basavaraj Sungari, a government primary school teacher, at Bhutaramanahatti in Karnataka’s Belagavi taluk uses Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) tools to create videos.

He has been teaching science for over nine years. Basavaraj wanted his students to connect to the topics and educate them.

Basavaraj said, “Curiosity is the mother of all inventions. I wanted to develop curiosity among the students. Their curiosity develops when you show them something attractive, their eyes speak and hence I used the AR/VR technique.

Everyday Basavaraj wakes up and goes to the school amidst pandemic and school shutdown. He travels about 26kms to and fro to just make skill-based videos in the science lab ( Paramanu ).

He has been using an Arloopa, Cloud-based augmented reality services, and a gaming app. He uses it to create a visual experience for the students about the topics and tried to make it easy for the students. He also made his students use Arloopa and asked them to create videos on the assigned topics.

Talking to Platocast Mr. Basavaraj said, ” Technology can’t replace a great teacher but technology in the hand of a great teacher is transformational.”

He sought funds from various leaders from the region to buy smartphones for his students. As many of the students in the rural region are unable to access smartphones. He also connected with students who lived nearby to his home who doesn’t have smartphones.

He has discussed the skill-based learning techniques with so many government schools. Now, they have inculcated such activities through the online system. He foresees every government schools to do something unique to teach their students.

When asked, Did you have to learn how to use, Mr Basavarj said, No, I just tried to work on what would be a perfect response from my students. I had used merge cube apps for earlier, and it was a big success so I tried VR through Arloopa.”

He added, “It’s very easy as the app developer put his knowledge and I’m using it for teaching to my students”.

His prime motto is skill-based and applied education. If one wants to be a farmer, he has to innovate in farming and think of unique ways for the same, says Basavaraj.

In the end, he said, ” It’s been 12-years I am into the teaching profession. Rural students are ultimate but no support. I’m standing behind them and, I will give them perfect tools and guidance.”


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