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Teacher in Andhra Pradesh promotes education in tribal regions

Kiran has convinced tribal children's parents to get their children educated and increase their quality of living.

Teacher in Andhra Pradesh visits tribal regions to promote education by requesting the children’s parents. Read the 

Many people have been influenced by Kiran Naik, a lecturer in government colleges. Via his inspiration, his students are now in a strong place. In shaping the future of many tribe students, he played a crucial part. 

Teacher in Andhra Pradesh promotes education

Kiran Naik from Sanjeeva Nagar Thanda is currently a professor at the government model of the residential polytechnic for the tribals, in Srisailam. He is based in the Nallemala forest of Atmakur Mandal. 

He won the Angel Global University in Kakinada National Excellence Leadership and Management Award recently. 

In reply, the fact that many higher educational seats are vacant as the tribals are not permitted to attend technical courses has been a major concern. However, he said that his goal to inspire tribal young people to concentrate on their studies to succeed. 

Student Admission

The Polytechnic training would improve students from the Chenchu and Sugali communities’ employability skills, he said.

In 2014 the State was required to join the GMR Polytechnic in Srisailam with some ST student admissions.

In Kurnool and elsewhere in the area of Rayalaseema, Kiran Naïk inspected ST Thandas and Chenchu Gudems, persuading students’ parents to encourage their children to take a diploma course.

“I had visited several schools and remote tribal areas in Prakasam and Kurnool districts such as Chintala, Garapenta, Bairluty, Kottalacheruvu, Murikimalla, Yerragondapalem, Dornala and others to motivate the tribal students to study diploma courses,’’ he stated. 

Because of his relentless efforts, in the 2016-2017 academic year, 36 tribal young people attended separate classes.

According to him, admissions have risen steadily and now at least 150 students take various courses in the college. 

Any of his students—M Srinivasa Naik is a flyer at SpiceJet Airlines in New Delhi and J Krishna is a technical trainee at the NRSC in Hyderabad. 

Besides, several of his students work in many well-known groups. Kiran Naik has been called a ray of hope for tribal young people, particularly in the underdeveloped tribal areas close to Srisailam, as a student Yakasari Yagappa of Dorakottala in Allagadda Mandal. 

He further said to NIE, “After completing a diploma course at GMR Polytechnic, he and his relative, Toguru Kondamma, a native of Garapenta in Prakasam district, are studying BTech at a private engineering college in Prakasam district.” 

Kiran Naik engaged regularly in awareness campaigns such as Swachh Bharat and others in addition to teaching.

It also encourages the franchise of tribal citizens and the use of digital currencies in the villages. 

Kiran Naik is also a member of the Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE), New Delhi. At national and international conferences, he published many research papers. 

Many of his papers have been written in reviews. For his thesis on “Design of a little-fold quadrifilar helix antenna for GPS applications,” he obtained a doctorate.

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