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“Air Plasma” engines are discovered. One day, planes could fly with out fossil fuels.

Just assume a jet engine that can move on its own without the use of fossil fuels. Now we would not have to make such assumptions, as Air Plasma engines are discovered. During the test, the prototype air plasma engine was able to launch 1 kg steel ball (considered as a jet for analysis) up to 24 millimetres into the air.

How does the Engine Work?

The engine will collect all the air from the surrounding. With the help of microwaves, the plasma would be generated, which states that we would need electricity and air for flying planes. Hence we can completely neglect the usage of fossil fuels.

At the moment, a test was carried out using a 1 kg steel ball. Moreover it is a long-way for scientists to make the engine a strong and reliable one. So that it can fly a plane of weight at least 5670 kg (weight of a small aircraft).

How was the test carried out?  

As we already discussed, during the test one kilogram steel ball was sent into the air up to 20 mm. It was found that the prototype was able to create the same thrust that’s needed for a fluent working jet engine.  Hence based on results, they got to know that such an Air Plasma engine can be an alternative option to the fossil fuel jet engine.

The primary reason behind Air Plasma engine creation:

As new discoveries tackle problems. The same is the case behind the creation of these engines. With the use of such engines, we would be able to solve various problems related to global warming. Hence with the help of this engine design, we will not need fossil fuels. This directly states that after the successful introduction of such engines, no carbon emission from Air travel will take place.

Air plasma engines - Fossil Fuel Formation Process
Oil and gas natural formation labeled vector illustration explain scheme. Time line from million years ago to today. Photo By Shutterstock.com/Vectormine

Changes to expect: 

Air travel will become more convenient with the introduction to Air Plasma jet engines. Moreover, we would be able to save a lot of fossil fuels, money and many more.  During the release, the researches said that after successful implementation of Air plasma jet engines, they would start working on creating one for the cars too. 

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