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Apple watch: just in five years, how it changed the smartwatch forever?

With its official debut on April 24th, 2015, the Apple Watch has marked its fifth anniversary this year. Though it never became the iPhone on our wrist as many of us had expected, the Apple watch changed the smartwatch industry forever

Many people usually wonder and try to figure out the reason for its popularity. That confusion isn’t something unnatural. Usually, people don’t like the idea of spending extra bucks behind a watch when they already have a phone.

Well, since it’s the 5th anniversary of Apple watch, we will let you know about some of the usefulness and the milestone the watch has covered in these 5 years.

Kickstart of a ‘wristy’ affair in 2015 by Apple watch changed the smartwatch industry forever

The release date of the Original watch was April 24, 2015. This happened 5 years ago. Again, the Series 1 and Series 2 were released on September 16, 2016. Series 3 marked its official release on September 22, 2017; i.e., 2 years ago. On September 21, 2018; Series 4 marked its release. The latest Series 5 was released on September 20, 2019.

Since its inception, it has served deliberately as a fitness tracker and came with the best applications native to a watch. So, the watch could literally save lives. By now, it’s clear that the device though was originally intended to be an iPhone, yet it later transitioned into a fitness tracker. Top sellers like Amazon, eBay, and TripAdvisor support the selling of Apple Watch apps.

What was Apple’s Initial goal of creating the watch?

The goal was to complement an iPhone. Thus, it was designed with new functions to give people freedom from their phones. Kevin Lynch, the American software developer was hired by Apple to make this particular wearable technology. The modern outlook is however very different.

However, the current version not only complement the phone but does many other great things:

Presently it is serving as an essential day to day life piece in terms of its health-tracking mechanism, elegant designs and a fashion statement.

For everyday life:

When Apple Watch was launched in 2015 it had around 3000 applications that were available for download present lead has more than 20000 applications that are inbuilt into the watch it’s definitely a useful tool for checking messages weather conditions and reminders all of which is already built in the device.

For the fashion-conscious generation

The $17000 model is a fitting appointment that found a place as a cover spread on Vogue found itself as a fashion item and a status symbol then just a fitness tracker later on it became a luxury on the rest of the wearer. Millions of people even today wear Apple Watches during meetings, or during the last workout. Besides being a fashion accessory, the Apple Watch is an essential tool for health and fitness.

Apple Hermes Watch
A One Lakh Fifteen Thousand Rupees Apple Hermes Watch. Photo: apple.com

Last year, the Apple Watch rose to fame and outsold the entire Swiss watch industry. The brand shipped an estimated 31 million watches in 2019.

According to us, if you choose this watch over others, you’ll experience something that you might have not seen ever before. Just like the iPhone wasn’t the first smartphone in the market, the Apple Watch wasn’t the first smartwatch too. But, you can’t deny that it made the biggest footprint.

For the health-conscious generation

The health-conscious generation found it as an undeniable presence. The feature of warning the wearer of loud noise to protect against hearing damage was greatly appreciated. The latest series has been designed to fight back against environmental noise factors (above 90 decibels) and ping the wearer with a notification.

  • Can you imagine that a watch can be your greatest guide during your menstrual cycle? Apple catches up to the femtech industry with its launch of the all-new Cycle Tracking feature that has the integrated Health app on iPhone. The smart idea gained a lot of appreciation because it could track the Irregular menstrual cycles. The readings could potentially indicate conditions like infertility, osteoporosis, polycystic ovary syndrome, and the transition to menopause. Thanks to all-new technology that can do so much for mankind!
  • It has the ability to detect falls and call for help. So, with time, it became the best friend of the people who can’t help themselves up. The smart alarm feature also uses technology to call emergency services and predesignated emergency contacts for help.
  • The best part is that it could and can track the abnormal heart rhythm. The inbuilt ECG app on the Apple Watch 4  has been credited with helping save a few lives.
  • The WatchOS 6 also checks heart rate and sends out alert while something goes abnormal.
  • The activity tracking health feature on Apple Watch has become critical for overall health to keep the health-conscious population happier, protect the bones and joints,  and build up muscles.

The dramatic design, with luxury overtones

Wearing a Watch as fine jewelry is something that we usually desire for. The high-end craftsmanship makes the smartwatch an elegantly made piece of wearable tech. The revamped iPod Nano right from the advent of the aluminum and steel textures is a significant part. Moreover, the specially designed straps are extremely luxurious with impressive functionality.

A brief controversy

In December 2019 the New York University cardiologist Dr Joseph Wiesel sued Apple by marking that Apple watch violates the method of detecting through atrial fibrillation.

Final word:

Even today the Apple watch is different from other Android and high and smartwatches because no other watch can match its quality and functionality. The machine grade aluminum and stainless steel to Gold body designs let them stand out. Moreover, the face is protected with the strengthened Ion X glass as well as Sapphire crystal.

The state-of-the-art technology used in Apple Watch 5 is accurate up to 50 milliseconds of the time standard at the global level.  The wrist hugger will become “Apple’s most personal gadget” very soon. More and more people will involve it in their daily lives and harness its benefits. Long live the king of watches. Truly, apple watch changed the smartwatch industry forever.

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