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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

WWDC 2020: Apple introduces its own custom ‘Apple Silicon’ processors for future Mac computers

At the Worldwide Developer Conference 2020 (WWDC20) keynote event, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that Apple is officially moving to its own silicon chips for some of its Mac hardware later this year. With the launch of ‘Apple Silicon’, Tim Cook has confirmed Apple’s transition away from a nearly 15-year hardware collaboration with Intel for Mac computer processors. Calling it ‘a historic day for the Mac,’ he said at the event, “From the very beginning, Mac redefined the entire computer industry; the Mac has always been about innovation and pushing things forward.”


For the unversed, Mac has had three major transitions in its history, first the move to PowerPC, then the transition to macOS X, and finally the move to Intel. Now with its own ARM-powered silicon, Apple has instilled a new lease of life into Macs, thereby generating greater performance per watt. Johny Srouji, Senior Vice President of Hardware Technologies, said at the event that the company has been building it for a decade and further added, “The result is a scalable architecture that is custom-designed for our products.”

Interestingly, with the new Apple Silicon featuring higher performance GPUs, app developers will also be able to make even more powerful pro apps and high-end games for the machine. What’s more? The recent development will bring Mac devices in line with Apple’s iPhone and iPads, which already use its own custom-designed ARM processors.

Other announcements at WWWDC 2020

Tim Cook also introduced new features of the macOS ‘Big Sur’ like new app icons and redesigns, bringing control center from their iOS / iPad to Mac. Apple will also continue to support and release new versions of macOS for Intel-based Macs. 

Coming to iOS 14, a feature called App library will be introduced with the home screen which will help collate Apps of certain categories together, besides search feature in App library. Siri too is going to change with a compact design and a new app called ‘translate’ can help translate up to 11 languages. The most important messages can now be pinned by users at the top of messages and more options for emojis will be made available.

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