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Vijayarajamallika writes first lullaby for the intersex child

Vijayarajamallika, a transwoman poet, released her first lullaby, Aanalla Pennalla Kanmani, for the intersex children and their mothers.

The main agenda behind writing this lullaby was to motivate and give confidence to the mothers of the intersex children, for not throwing them away for being ashamed of them.

Who is Vijayarajamallika?

Photo By: Vijayarajamallika

Vijayarajamallika was born as an intersex child, and at the age of 32, the artist who became a trans-woman later learned that she had 47 XXY chromosomes caused by two or more X chromosomes in males.

The doctor said that the artist had an underdeveloped penis and testes that can cause tumors soon, and thus she converted herself. Vijayarajamallika is a poet now. She believes the intersex children are special in a unique way, and her identity lies in her profession.

Aanalla Pennalla Kanmani – The lullaby

Photo By: Vijayarajamallika

The lyrics of the Vijayarajamallika’s lullaby go something like this, “You may not be a boy, you may not be a girl, but you are the apple of my eye. You are not a curse or a sin, you are the lucky star of my life”.

The lines of the song ask the mothers of these intersex children to accept them as they are. In September, the lullaby was released in the Tamil version.

The misconceptions of intersex children

Intersex children should not be ashamed of anything. They are not out of any sin. In Kerala, people believe that women who were tight jeans give birth to transgender children. Society does not accept these children, but no child is born as transgenders.

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