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Vipul Mirajkar convey’s gratitude trough his rangoli…

Vipul Mirajkar, an artist, based in Solapur, came up with a unique way by creating rangolis to thank frontline workers, politicians to actors who are helping people during the COVID times. This artist has recently been appreciated for his work by a Bollywood star, Sonu Sood. He is also trying to build a platform for budding artists by conducting competition wherein he bared the entire cost.

Vipul had recently made Sonu Sood’s rangoli as he has contributed and helped a lot of people who are in need during the lockdown.

He said, ” Not everybody can call him and thank him for his work. So, I made a rangoli to thank him two months ago.”

IIt took him almost two days to complete the rangoli and, the size of it is 3, by 4 feet.

” Sonu Sood has promised me to make a video call through the comment on the video of the rangoli I posted on Instagram.”

He expressed happiness and said, “I am waiting for his call and have two surprises to show him.”

He is a professional painter and has been doing rangolis at the same time. He has made many rangolis of politicians, actors and theme-based work.

” We used to have rangoli competitions at the college but, I didn’t know how to make one during those days. But I tried making it for the very first time and won the first prize and, it all started then. During this lockdown, I had a lot of time and, I wanted to explore more in rangolis,” he said to Platocast.

He further said, “Now I am doing rangolis to convey gratitude to all the front line workers, politicians and actors.”

He has made Prime Minister Modi’s, Uddhav Thackeray, Chief Minister of Maharashtra to convey his gratefulness for their work during the covid19 situation.

He also conducts rangoli competitions and painting competition and bared all the price for organising it. He got a good response for the same

Vipul said, “I made Chhatrapati Shivaji’s rangoli which took me 4 days straight with almost nine hours a day. That was the most difficult one I have made.”

He believes in practice makes a man perfect and asks all the budding artists to practise every day.

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