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Wasudev Mishra works from up-cycling waste to empowering women of rural regions

Wasudev Mishra, a young social change maker from Maharashtra works towards eradicating unemployment, supporting women empowerment and up-cycling textile wastes through his venture.

Wasudev Mishra -The Journey as a Social Change Maker

Image: Wasudev Mishra

As a teenager, Wasudev Mishra witnessed the people in his village in Maharashtra struggle from unemployment in which his family was one among those who suffered economic crunch.

Image: Wasudev Mishra

Even his parents sometimes were not able to support him with his school needs. He also came across that the girls in the village were asked to drop out of school as their parents were unable to afford to educate them.

Silaigram-A Social Impact Start-up

Image: Wasudev Mishra

Wasudev to overcome these issues at the age of 19 he established Silaigram, a social impact startup where their motto is to implement sustainable livings in rural India.

He also came across the waste that is dumped in his village. Hence, with his foundation, he has up-cycled textiles of about thousand kgs which are sourced from nearby garment factories.

Image: Silaigram.com

These textiles were usually dumped in the ocean side or any other place at his village. But he made an idea to tackle unemployment, women empowerment and also work towards sustainability.

With his mother and a close friend’s support, they came up with an idea to tackle the problems with one initiative.

Women Empowerment In Rural Community

Image: Silaigram.com

His initiative welcomes women in rural communities to work and have independent lives.

Over 25 women are working for the initiative and are with all their efforts and implying creativity they are still growing and encouraging other women to come forward and earn for their livelihood.

The team is up-cycling textile waste into clothes such as jholas, Kurtis, and many other accessories. These products are sold online.

Wasudev is now working on building a tech platform where all the change makers from various sectors to work together and collaborate for betterment.

He believes that everyone deserves the opportunity and the privileges that he got. ” My moral obligation is to empower rural India,” says in a video by Ashoka Youth Venture.

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