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‘Willing for Welfare’ works towards social issues

Shiwani Jairath, who was born in Ludhiana, Punjab, studied from Delhi University’s Kirori Mal College. She formed an initiative ‘Willing for Welfare’ with her another college friend, Suraj Sehgal, who also happens to be from Ludhiana. 


The idea behind the initiative ‘Willing for Welfare’


Willing For Welfare


The main idea behind this project is to address, and aware people about certain social norms that they know of but cannot deal with it. ‘Willing for Welfare’ talks about how these social issues can be mitigated. The founders of this initiative want to break the taboos and eradicate social stigmas. 


‘Willing for Welfare’ launched a whole episode as feature blogs regarding social issues, where interviews of people who work for social causes, like domestic violence, homophobia, body shaming, etc. get published. It also has Facebook and Instagram pages.


How did the idea form?


Shiwani Jairath and Suraj Sehgal

Shiwani Jairath stepped in Delhi from Ludhiana to study further, and after coming here, she participated in many activities. It made her understood that the world is too cruel to live in it.


She understood that the social taboos should break, and thus the idea of this initiative formed.

Suraj Sehgal, who joined hands with Shiwani, wanted to follow his father’s footsteps in becoming an IAS officer. When he came to Delhi, he realized that people are vulnerable and volatile.


Collaborations of WFW


WFW has 20-25 members in their team with like-minded people. They have collaborated with many foundations, among which Rotary club is one of them. WFW has organized a virtual organ donating program with the Rotaract.


In the digital age, they have used the power of social media platforms to reach out to their audience. They have participated in many events organized by other foundations, in one of them WFW talked about menstrual hygiene.

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