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World Water Day: All you need to know about water crisis in India

About 75% of households lack clean drinking water, and 40% of the country will lack access to drinking water by 2030. 

World Water Day: All you need to know about water crisis in India. Read below to know more. 

India is now experiencing the most severe water crisis in its history. It is commonly recognised as the epicentre of the global water and sanitation problem.

Since the crisis is too big, our lives, livelihoods, and prospects are in jeopardy.

More than half of the world lacks access to clean drinking water, and nearly 200,000 people die per year as a result of this shortage. Strong truth that 20-litre water cans can’t repair.

All you need to know about water crisis in India

About 82 per cent of rural households do not have access to piped water. Washing our hands is not a privilege that millions of people can afford, nor is remaining hydrated.

The National Institution for Transforming India (NITI Aayog) described it as “the worst water crisis” in India’s history.

According to the 2018 Composite Water Management Index (CWMI), 6 per cent of economic GDP will be lost by 2050, and water demand will surpass usable supply by 2030. 

Food availability is also jeopardised owing to severe water shortages in wheat and rice production regions.

About 75% of households lack clean drinking water, and 40% of the country will lack access to drinking water by 2030. 

UNICEF reports

According to UNICEF reports, the economic cost of waterborne pathogens is projected to be around US$600 million because contaminants contaminate the water in 1.96 million households. 

50 million residents in 15 cities lack access to clean, accessible water in urban areas. Bengaluru has it much worse, with water barely available for three hours three days a week and skyrocketing water costs.

Water cans and purifiers aren’t easy options even for those with money to spend. According to a 2015 report on the safety of drinking water in public utilities, including those using water purifiers had Ph levels that surpassed allowable limits and were tainted with E Coli. 

Furthermore, our research found that 17 million of the 20 million bubble top water bottles sold in Bangalore each month are unhealthy to drink.

Larger water brands are also vulnerable to dirt, waste, and chemical contaminants due to transportation, packaging, and heat exposure.

According to the Water Quality Association of India, a conventional water purifier does not work for all forms of water.

Based on the consistency of the input water, various filters can be used. As a consequence, customisation is expected depending on the consistency of the input water. 

The most critical is to keep track of the filter life, input water TDS, use, and timely maintenance of your water purifier based on these measurements. This is only possible with intelligent water purifiers.

In the current situation, the idea of having a water purifier is incorrect. People believe it is a one-time purchase, such as a television, refrigerator, or washing machine.

However, you must realise that keeping the water purifier is more critical, and this comes at a hefty cost of 5000 Rs per year. 

Here is how to save water 

On World Water Day, let us strive to integrate water-saving activities into our everyday lives. Here are some important and basic water saving methods.

  1. When not in use, keep the tap closed and don’t forget to check any water leakage. 
  2. Use the collected rainwater for a variety of uses as needed. 
  3. When doing everyday chores, do not use more water than is required. 
  4. Taking a short shower rather than a long bath. 
  5. Rainwater irrigation can be practised.

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