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A 4-year-old, Palaksh Oswal Turns Santa To Serve Elderly People

Palaksh Oswal turns Santa in idea to help the elderly at the old-age home in Madhya Pradesh's native Mandsaur district. 

Palaksh Oswal turns Santa to serve elderly people abandoned by their families. He is a 4-year-old child prodigy who is Asia’s youngest professional brand ambassador and educator-motivator of COVID-19. 

Palaksh Oswal turns Santa in idea to help the elderly at the old-age home in Madhya Pradesh’s native Mandsaur district. 

Palaksh Oswal turns Santa

The Elderly living at an Old Age Home after being abandoned in Mandsaur received a pleasant surprise on December 26 that is Boxing Day, as the LKG boy, Palaksh Oswal turns Santa and gave away radio sets and earphones. 

He along with his Father, Arpit Oswal and Grandfather, Ashok Jain, donated the things from his funds generated for being the brand ambassador for a children’s news portal.

Palaksh Oswal turns Santa and gifted seven radio sets and earphones to the elderly living in the Old Age Home and the act was adequate to evoke tears of happiness. 

Palaksh Oswal’s Initiative  

A 75-year-old Manohari Bai said TNE, “It’s been two since I was ousted by my daughter-in-law and my son dropped me here, never to return for inquiring about my well-being. This is the first gift I’ve received since then. May God give long life and bright future to this little boy who has gifted us joy from his income. I pray that he becomes a district collector one day.”

Palaksh’s Vastu consultant father, Aprit Oswal said TNE “it’s unimaginable that at an age when kids find it hard even to communicate with others, my son through his income totalling around Rs 10,000 has brought joy in the lives of Old Age Home elderlies, who have been living a lonely life and our gift will connect them again with the outside world and their choicest music.”

Palaksh Oswal Youtube Channel 

When Palaksh was just two and a half years old, he launched his ‘Monty Dada ki Vines’ youtube video channel. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in India, Palaksh started another’ Apka Palaksh’ youtube channel on which he posted two videos advising the world about the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In addition to creating posters to raise the spirit of COVID-19 soldiers, he also appeared in a COVID-19 awareness video with Mandsaur’s central MLA and district collector in the COVID-19 educational programme.

The national children’s newspaper ‘Kids Age’ invited him to review their product and, pleased with his review, the newspaper management named him their official brand ambassador in October 2020 to learn about his extraordinary talent.

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