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A women who wrote 700 exams in 10 years for disabled

Pushpa Preeya, a Bengaluru woman has written over 700 exams in the last 10 years, but not for herself.

She writes the examinations for the disabled and believes that a single action or gesture holds much more power than those pep talks.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, 2018, she was felicitated with the ‘Nari Shakti Puraskar’. She, herself, is the symbol of courage, sacrifice and selflessness.

Pushpa Preeya’s journey

Pushpa is an ordinary Bengaluru woman who does some extraordinary work. She and her brother grew up amidst the financial crisis and after her father’s death, she had to balance family and other responsibilities at the same time. Thus, this put a full stop in her education.

She got a job in a 9 to 5 IT firm. But somewhere in her mind palace, she always wanted to help those students who cannot pursue education due to financial problems or any other physical or mental disability.

She used to work with Samartha, an NGO for the blinds, and from there she got the idea to help others by being their writer in the examination.

She herself was scared to give her first exam as a writer, but now she completed over 700 examinations.

She is the ear and hand for the others

Pushpa only helps people who fall under these five categories, visually impaired, cerebral palsy patients, affected with Downs syndrome, mentally retarded or have met with severe accidents.

According to her, being these people’s writer has beneficiated her in expanding her horizon of knowledge. She understands the value of education which is why she helps the needy ones to push them to move a little forward to their dreams.

She had a blood donation campaign, “We help India”. Five years from now, she wants to open an organization for them who are suffering from mental illness.

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