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Aaman Trikha says: “Music is not business for me, it is Devotion.”

Aaman Trikha has carved a niche for himself with his popular songs like Hookah Bar, Prem Leela, Janeman Aa, and more such upbeat party songs. He has been doing amazing songs which are really pleasing to the ears, also have made people rock on their feet. Aaman is now sharing his experience in the industry over the period of years how after experiencing a high from 2012 to 2016, and a decline in his projects over the years after 2016. In conversation with Platocast, he unearthed the struggles of getting into the industry and the effort it took to create a profile, and how today he is composing and releasing songs independently.

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In Conversation with Aaman Trikha

Aaman Trikha: “Music is not a business, but devotion for me”. Read more about him: https://bit.ly/2HEoQp1

Posted by Platocast on Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Coming from a non-musical background, Aaman Trikha has made a mark for himself without any support. But when it is about the entertainment industry, in this case, the music industry, the world knows about the horrors of depression and anxiety due to nepotism and biasness towards the upcoming artists who are truly talented. There has been a slide in the songs released by Aaman from 2016 onwards till 2020. This decrease in the number of songs happened because he wasn’t signed with any big music companies. “There are these particular groups or clans in the industry where people have isolated themselves into and if you aren’t an active person in that group, you immediately understand what’s going to happen next, it’s no rocket science. You might be a talented person, but that doesn’t guarantee you any work. Me being an optimist, I’ve always convinced myself this is just a phase and it’ll change. The only good that has come out in this generation is the Internet. The reach and vastness of social media have given a person to just exhibit their talent.”

He further said: “All these years I’ve gradually realized that people aren’t going to give me the songs I want, so I’ll get into the act because I’ve been blessed with composing and writing skills as well. Also, I have many writing friends I can get songs written. But I need to stop depending on others and start doing my own writing and composing. Because that’s the way an artist actually grows.”

Being recognized for the upbeat party singer there’s also a surprising side Aman expressed while talking about his musical journey with Platocast: “People generally get surprised when I sing Gazal, a soft ballad or a rock song, which is unexpected from me, that’s how I’ve been stereotyped. To sing something which is soft and heart wrenching stands as a challenge for me, because throughout my college times, trying to grow in singing, I was never interested in these party songs, in fact I use to detest it. But on having to sing it when the time came, it was challenging and equally  difficult apart from what you just listen to.”

The Bollywood industry is going through a revamping process, apart from the movie projects, there are many other things in music which can be done. “Apart from singing, I’m composing as well. Even before getting into the industry, when I had my band during engineering, I use to compose and write songs, but the struggle of focusing on playback singing takes a toll on you. There isn’t much time to think and create something.”

Many of them are resourceful, they have their ways of getting what they want, they are safeguarded and those with true musical talent are always side-lined, that’s how the industry works. “So, I’m not one of them so, I have to dig my own well very day, and I am happy about it!” There are those people from the industry who want to unearth the truth, Sonu Nigam is one such person who has the sense of what he wants to say rather than sugar-coat it. Being an artist, it isn’t fair to not address the problem, if there is fear that you won’t get any work further due to the retaliation, there’s no justice being done to the art just to save your work and reputation. “Music is not business for me, it is Devotion.”  On asking what lies ahead of him, Aaman Trikha Said: “I’m right now taking things one day at a time. I have a lot of things which I want to work on, and right now I am focusing on building myself up.”

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