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Six-year-old Ahmedabad boy sets record, becomes world’s youngest computer programmer

Arham Om Talsania, a six-year-old from Ahmedabad, has set a record for being the world’s youngest computer programmer. The class 2 student aspires to be an entrepreneur when he grows up.

After completing a test on the Python programming language, Arham entered the Guinness Book of World Records, The Indian Express reported.

“My father taught me coding. I started using tablets when I was 2 years old. At the age of 3, I bought gadgets with iOS and Windows. Later, I got to know that my father was working on Python,” Arham said, speaking to news agency ANI.

“Since he was very young he was very much interested in gadgets. He used to play games on tablet devices. He also used to solve puzzles. I taught him the basics of programming and he started creating his own small games,” Om, Arham’s father, told ANI.

The official website of the records book states that “The youngest computer programmer is Arham Om Talsania (India, b. 24 January 2013) who is 6 years and 364 days old, as verified in Gujarat, India, on 23 January 2020.”

The website also says that Talsania “broke this record title a day before his 7th birthday, thus achieving the record title of youngest computer programmer.”

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