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Akhil Babu: A Civil Engineer turned Micro-art magician

Micro-art is such a wonderful form of art, it’s like magic, where a person carves beautiful things on extremely small substances, like the pencil lead and chalk. One such amazing artist from Kerala is Akhil Babu. Being a civil engineer by profession, he has followed his passion for pencil carving with great interest.


Akhil Babu has been pencil carving from a year, the passion for micro-art stated when Akhil was simply scrolling through YouTube. Akhil Babu has been credited a place in the Indian book of records as well as the Asia book of record for carving out Newton’s Three laws of motion in 11 pencil leads. Akhil’s best work of art has been the Crucified Jesus, Elephant, and tree carved on a crayon and Taj Mahal on chalk.

While speaking to Platocast about his journey, he said: “In the beginning, it was very difficult, and knowing that this art specifically needs much care and attention, I trained my mind to be very patient. At first, it was a little strange to me, but I later took it on as a challenge.”

Akhil started experimenting with his carving skills on pencils and later he took it to crayons and chalks. Talking about the social feedback Akhil said: “Everyone was excited with my micro-art that it gave me so much energy to go with my passion.”

As a message to all those who are pursuing their passion alongside their profession, Akhil Babu gives out a message saying: “Everything has time to happen till then, try-hard with perseverance, one day it will surely come to you.”

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