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Anju Bobby George’s Tweet Reveals; Historic Win Despite Having Born With One Kidney

On December 7, she tweeted about her journey. She mentioned that her health condition with having a single kidney didn't come on her way of success.

Anju Bobby George’s tweets about breaking the records despite being born with one kidney. In 2001, she figured that her body is weak and was fainting often, this event led her to visit a doctor.

When checked Anju was told that she was born with only one kidney. The 23-year-old athlete was shattered after she came to know about it.

Anju Bobby George – Journey Of Never Giving Up 

But, she didn’t stop there instead she re-started with her training. With the help of her husband and trainer. Long-jumper, Anju Bobby George was able to alter her lifestyle.

In just two years after the shocking news, she bagged IAAF World Championships medal, the first and only Indian to win the title.

Nobody was aware of her condition, but, on Monday she spoke about it in her post on her Twitter handle which said, “Everyone is distressed due to the pandemic and all the uncertainties resulting from it. The reason why I decided to share this now is in the hope that it offers some motivation during such times.

Maybe it can help athletes who have some kind of trouble and are having self-doubts because of them. I was not recovering quickly. I would also faint sometimes due to allergies to medicines and pain-killers… at first, I was scared because I was seeing myself as this perfect athlete and had all these dreams.”

First And Only IAAF World Championships medallist 

In 2003, she was asked to rest for over 6 months, that is weeks before the World Championships as she was taking longer to recover after the competitions.

On December 7, she tweeted about her journey. She mentioned that her health condition with having a single kidney didn’t come on her way of success.

Anju Bobby George also received a gold medal in the IAAF World Athletics Finals in Monaco, 2005.

“Believe it or not, I’m one of the fortunate, among very few who reached the world top with a single KIDNEY, allergic with even a painkiller, with a dead takeoff leg…Many limitations..still made it. Can we call, the magic of a coach or his talent,” Anju Bobby George tweeted.

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