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Aqua Clay Cooler By Mumbai’s Duo Receives World Robot Olympiad Award

The two young innovators thought of the idea when they were strolling in the market. The duo witnessed that in the condensers' units there was hot air blowing off.

Aqua Clay Cooler by two youngsters from Mumbai will amaze you. They have enhanced a feasible solution to cool off the warm air transmitted by AC units’ condensers.

Both the teenage eco-champions, Antara Patel, 11-years-old, and Prisha Patel, 12-years-old are studying at Jamnabai Narsee School, Mumbai.

Having a profound interest in robotics and technology which involved advanced mechanics and innovation, helped both these youth eco-champions, to work on Aqua Clay Cooler.

Aqua Clay Cooler

Aqua Clay Cooler consists of an aluminium grid frame with a matrix outline attached to the earthen clay cones. When the gadget is wet, it chills off the moist air from the condenser.

According to the Evxprts Foundation’s Linkedin post, the free space in the aluminium outline is utilised in Aqua-clay are loaded up hay to ensure that the humid air doesn’t leave the mud chamber.

The Duo’s Innovation

The two young innovators thought of the idea when they were strolling in the market. The duo witnessed that in the condensers’ units there was hot air blowing off.

They needed an eco-friendly solution to aiming towards a better environment. The sustainable gadget consists of hay and clay cones.

And then finally named it as Aqua Clay Cooler or square.

As the two of them wanted to save water while planning their model, they made use of the water produced from the AC. For monitoring the work of AC and filter, temperature and humidity, the gadget additionally has sensors linked with the automated circuit.

Aqua Clay Cooler┬áreceived an award after participating at Canada’s World Robot Olympiad 2020.

It was not that easy, they had to witness various errors and trials and the ultimate outcome was after utilising clay and was taken by Dharavi.

Youngsters like Antara Patel and Prisha Pate set an example to work towards better environment and a great example for youths to work towards new innovations.

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