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Arathi Reghunath completed 1000 courses within 100 days

Arathi Reghunath, a second-year MSc Biochemistry student from Kochi, created a world record in the Universal Record Forum (URF) by covering 350 courses within three months at first.

Then she crossed her record by covering 520 courses in 88 days, and now she is about to 1000 courses within 100 days.

Arathi Reghunath

PC: Arathi Reghunath – Facebook

Arathi Reghunath is a young girl who loves to read and learn. She has a fascination with Chemistry since the eighth standard because of her teacher.

She never liked Biology but took Biochemistry in her post-graduation to challenge herself. When the pandemic hit the nation and the schools and colleges closed for a certain time, she read all the books she found in her library.

When the online classes resumed, her college principal introduced everybody to Coursera. Coursera is a platform where students can take up different courses online. Since then, she has taken up 1000 courses.

Why Arathi doesn’t like the virtual medium of study?

PC: Arathi Reghunath, Facebook

She enlisted her name in different courses under Coursera, like Computer Science, Computer Programming, a program based on Google, History, Psychology, Philosophy, Art, etc., including her subjects.

She balanced her college life and Coursera classes by waking up at 5 am and keep her day and busy with the course schedule until she sleeps.

But, she doesn’t like the virtual medium of learning as she misses the connection with her teachers that made her fall in love with the science subjects in the first place.

She believes that online courses are a medium of time utilizing to learn something until everything falls back to the original place.

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