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Kerala’s young artist wins the hearts through his sketches

Sooraj Perumpazhuth, a 27-year-old from Trivandrum, Kerala is winning hearts on social media lately with his amazing sketches. His drawings are all about creating awareness on the recent breakout of Covid19 pandemic.

Sooraj’s Background

He completed nursing from Trivandrum Medical College. He is now pursuing higher studies at KIMS hospital. He was very passionate about practicing art ever since from his childhood.

Sooraj is a former nurse at Government Medical College, Trivandrum. He had witnessed many cases during the Nipah outbreak and the flood, he had handled many patients which led him to educate the people about the disease and calamities through his drawings.

The Viral Art

When he posted his first drawing on a social media platform, he received a lot of appreciation which motivated him to create more and began to educate people through his art. His drawings created in a three-minute video clip format shared by K Gopalakrishnan, Thiruvananthapuram District Collector on his social media page, led to a lot of attention on Facebook.

His first drawing talks about the Covid19 safety measures, by using sanitizer, washing hands frequently and wearing the mask will help us avoid contracting the deadly virus.

Family & Inspiration

Son of Mr Suresh Kumar, an employee in KSRTC and Mrs Shiva Kumari, as a child, was very passionate about drawings and he was self-thought with a lot of practice. Every sketch he makes has a message in it.

The lockdown has given him ample time to draw and explore. He has made more than 30 sketches on Covid19 awareness. He doesn’t make any money out of it and does it for a purpose on humankind and create awareness.

This young artist giving a message to the ones who want to be an artist and enthusiastic about drawings says, “Listen to your mind and note down your thoughts, it will create a great picture.”

Even after being occupied with his work and studies, he takes out time for making sketches. Sooraj adds, “So many thoughts are involved in every drawing I make, my experience in the medical field have made me think and analyse the issue.”

Interview by: Niha Sahadevan

Translation by: Neha Sahadevan 

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