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Youngsters in Arunachal Pradesh turn carpenters, build library to inspire locals to read

Youngsters in the remote India-China border town of Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh have turned masons and carpenters, and built a community library to inspire the locals to read. They have built the library by dismantling an old, dilapidated government structure.

The students were showered with praises by Chief Minister Pema Khandu.

“Students from #Tawang worked together to build this beautiful #CommunityLibrary. The entire construction work of reinforcing, shuttering, carpentry, masonry, roofing etc were all done by students. Due to hardworking environment, average youths here possess such work skills,” he tweeted.

Under the eyes of the All Tawang District Students’ Union (ATDSU), the work was executed in only 40 days.

“Tawang being a remote district, books are a rarity here. We also observed that not many people read books these days. So, we wanted to inspire them to get back to their reading habit and develop it among youth,” said Pema Tsering, who is a student leader and in-charge of the library construction committee.

The New Indian Express reported that the library was built at a cost of around Rs 6.5 lakh, and is half concrete and half wooden with its roofing done with CGI sheets.

“We spent from the union’s fund and received assistance from well-wishers. We had approached people for help. As work progressed, help started pouring in,” Tsering said.

Many students have started donating books, which primarily include inspirational books, comics etc. for children. Some social media users and others have also expressed their wish to donate books.

“We have no doubt the youth will get inspired and develop the habit of reading books. We will hand the library over to the state’s education department for its better management,” Tsering said.

As a tribute to former Chief Minister, the late Dorjee Khandu, the library will be named after him.

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