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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Bali college allows students hit by economic slowdown to pay fees in natural products like coconuts

During these trying times amid the pandemic, a hospitality college in Bali has allowed students to pay their fees in coconuts and other natural products as many of them struggled to pay tuition fees due to the economic lockdown.

Coming up with a unique idea, the Venus One Tourism Academy allowed the students to pay in the form of natural raw materials.

An official at the institute, Wayan Pasek Adi Putra, old local media outlet Bali Puspa News that they will use the supplies to harvest Virgin Coconut Oil at the school.

“At first we began an installment program to pay their tuition fees, but now we’ve become even more flexible. Because of this COVID pandemic, we have adopted a flexible policy. We produce virgin coconut oil, so students can pay their tuition by bringing in coconut” Putra said.

The school is also accepting fees in the form of other natural products like moringa leaves and gotu kola leaves. These are used to produce products such as herbal soap.

Further, the students can resell their own products to develop their entrepreneurship skills.

“We have to educate them to optimize the natural resources in their surroundings. So when the pandemic is over, they would be more than just common workers,” Putra said.

According to the college authorities, various health and safety protocols have been implemented to stay operational during the pandemic. This includes having a limited number of students on each shift and daily temperature checks.

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