Forget premiere clothing range pageants, this tribal fashion show in Bastar is the inspiration we need


The garments worn by the models in the Bastar fashion show were made from the indigenous-traditional textiles and beautiful traditional fabric of Bastar.

India’s cultures are rich in beauty and uniqueness, as proven by this unusual fashion show held in Bastar. This fashion show held in the tribal heartland of south Chhattisgarh brought to the fore models who are mostly from the local community, giving a tough competition to high-end brands spectacles.

The garments worn by the models in the Bastar fashion show were made from the indigenous-traditional textiles and beautiful traditional fabric of Bastar, reported The New Indian Express. The models were seen sporting the famous Bastar Kosa silk along with the lost native art of Bastar Pata, which is a sari-like drape worn by the women of Muria and Maria tribal community. Bastar Pata, prepared manually on pit looms, is an unbleached cotton-based woven cloth known as ‘phatai’.

The show also featured bamboo jewellery and ornaments from the famous Dhokra art, which is a copper alloy based metal casting.

“We can’t afford to lose colours of nature in the vanishing art of Bastar Pata and Kosa silk. The Bastar fashion show is not an industry fashion event but an attempt to rediscover the roles of our traditional weavers and artisans who can equally contribute in connecting with the mainstream consumers and the textile connoisseurs,” said Rajat Bansal, the Bastar collector, who envisioned the idea of fashion show.

The spectacular fashion show, held during the Bastar’s Chitrakot Mahotsav, intended to promote the local art, glamour and the style in vogue, reflecting the textile history of the region and revealing the regional culture. As many as 21 participants from the age group of 7 to 25 years were the showstoppers on the stage. “We were elated to be part of the event that showcased the wonderful indigenous Bastar tribal textile and traditional jewellery collections. The participants from different background exhibited the inherent social harmony that the Bastar is known for,” said Riya Singh Parihar, who represented the transgender community in the show.     


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