While mama bear is away, Chhattisgarh villagers take care of her cubs

To ensure their safety, the locals feed the pair of cubs during the day while their mother is away.

While mama bear is away in the woods, her little bear cubs are at the risk of getting harmed. However, villagers in Chhattisgarh’s Ambikapur district come to their rescue every day. To ensure their safety, the locals feed the pair of cubs during the day while their mother is away.

Late in the evening, each day, the mother of the cubs returns to her kids.

The Ambikapur district has now become a centre for attraction. Refusing to take the advice of the wildlife experts and forest staff, curious residents have been gathering at the area to catch a glimpse at the unusual occurrence. 

The villagers alerted the forest department staff after the bear gave birth to two cubs near an agricultural field at Kharsura village in Ambikapur. The forest department staff then met with the veterinary doctors and wildlife experts to decide on how to proceed next.

Wildlife experts believe that the mother bear chose the birthplace close to the village instead of the forest due to her perceived sense of security. It is intriguing, however, as to why she leaves her cubs before sunrise and returns at the fixed time every day.

An elderly Mantri Porte feeds milk to the cubs twice under the supervision of the forest officials, reported The New Indian Express.

“The bear must have sensed the place as secured for her cubs. Had it been otherwise, the mother would have instead taken them to the jungle. Perhaps after a couple of weeks or so both the cubs after gaining strength might leave for the natural forest habitat,” said Prabhat Dubey, a wildlife expert who visited the spot.

Veterinary doctor Dr. C K Mishra found both the cubs to be healthy. “We have advised on how to feed the milk to the babies and safeguard them from the prevailing severe cold conditions. But most importantly, people should avoid crowding the place as it might not just harm the cubs but probably lead to any untoward eventuality in case the mother bear turns aggressive and attacks,” he said.

People have been warned about the dangerous and unpredictable behaviour of the bear. An advisory has been issued to maintain proper precaution by avoiding visiting the place.

In an attempt to make the adult bear stay with the cubs for a longer duration, the forest department has also arranged food for her.

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