Interesting! Low-cost post office built in Bengaluru attracts country’s attention

The Bengaluru Postal Department had to spend a mere Rs 15 lakh to construct the building on 39 square metres.

A successfully built low-cost Sub Post office at Doddanekundi near Marathahalli in Bengaluru has caught the attention of the nation. In fact, 23 more such offices are set to be replicated across Karnataka. A couple of these will also be built in other states.

The Bengaluru Postal Department had to spend a mere Rs 15 lakh to construct the low-cost post office on 39 square metres. According to G D Bhat, Assistant Director, Buildings, Bangalore Postal Department, the construction of eight more post offices in Karnataka has been approved by the Postal Department. 

“They will come up at Ha, Sulibele, Sattur, Hudgi, Rani Channamma nagar, naikal and Shankara narayana areas,” he said. eight post offices in Rajasthan and seven in Odisha too are being built using the same method, he added. For the Doddanekundi post office, the land earmarked was 40,469 square metres. “The total project cost, including civil and electrical works, came to just Rs 15,47,527,” The New Indian Express quoted him as saying.

S Chandrashekhar, Assistant engineer, Civil engineering Department, Bengaluru Postal Division, said, “The building standing on 400 square feet was completed within four months in February 2020. The normal cost for such a building would be around Rs 21 lakh and we have saved up to Rs 6 lakh. The use of locally available material is the key reason for the reduced cost.”

Instead of the traditional building material, laterite from Mangaluru has been used in the construction.

“The sloped roof was made out of reinforced cement concrete, and care was taken to build only bare essentials. Also, no garden was created like in other post offices,” he added. new technology, too, has helped reduce the required space. “We have built rooms for very minimum space inside the building. For instance, there was no need for a room to separately house records as it can be stored online now,” he said. 

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