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Friday, April 16, 2021

Braving fat-shaming & body-shaming, Kerala woman becomes successful plus-sized model

Society’s preconceived notion of how exactly a model should look like has barred several men and women from pursuing the profession. Society tends to believe that a model should typically be slim, fair and ‘beautiful’, thus, those who do not fit into these categories are often fat-shamed, body-shamed and bullied.

Braving all the taunts and bullying, 27-year-old Induja Prakash is at the peak of her success as a plus-sized fashion model.

“It’s not easy to establish oneself as a plus-sized model in Kerala. But I decided not to give up. I wanted to change people’s perception and boost the confidence of plus-sized women who feel dejected because of body shaming,” The New Indian Express quoted Induja as saying.

Besides modelling, she has also acted in two Malayalam films — Thottappan and Vikruthi.

Expressing her anger and disappointment at those engage in body-shaming, Induja says: “I am fat because of certain hormone issues. Genetically, my family members are all plus-sized. I was concerned about my appearance after people started asking me to go for diet control and slimming.”

“I even decided to reduce my weight unable to tolerate body shaming. But later, I stopped all that because I was happy being me and I don’t want to do something to please others,” she added.

Induja says that plus-sized modelling is yet to catch up in India although there are huge opportunities in Europe and the US.

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