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Monday, April 12, 2021

This Chennai police officer is a boon to elderly street vendors

Moved by a street vendor's plight, Inspector S Seetharaman ordered huge bowler hats made of palm leaves from Kanniyakumari.

At a time when supermarkets in Chennai are replacing neighbourhood grocery sellers at a fast pace, police officer Inspector S Seetharaman has presented huge bowler hats to guard from the sun out of his concern for elderly women street vendors.

Inspector S Seetharaman, a police officer from Chennai, attached to Triplicane police station, was on his way to work about ten days ago. On the way, he noticed a man bargaining with an elderly woman selling vegetables near the Aminjikarai signal.

“She was selling a bundle of greens for Rs 10, but the man wanted it for Rs 5. The women kept yelling Rs 10 a bundle, but the man wouldn’t budge. I was saddened to see the woman struggling to sell something for just Rs 10 with the harsh sun beating down on her,” The New Indian Express quoted Seetharaman as saying.

The inspector was moved by the woman’s plight, and went home and soon ordered huge bowler hats made of palm leaves from Kanniyakumari.

S Seetharaman pinned the message ‘Let’s Not Bargain, But Respect Them’ along with a badge of the police mobile app, Kavalan SOS. 

“They don’t want money but I still wanted to help them. So I ordered several hats to guard them from the sun and distributed them to 20 women in Aminjikarai and Kilpauk,” said Seetharaman.

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