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“Clothes should not become deterrent to women’s fitness,” Ambassador of Pinkathon Saree Run

The Saree signifies a woman’s roots in the Indian culture. And it is also a signifier that a woman can maintain her fitness and exercise wearing a saree. A woman can achieve fitness in any attire, being comfortable is all that matters. Taking fitness as a priority irrespective of your attire is an initiative that has been proven not just to the country but the world by Pinkathon.

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In Conversation with Pinkathon Ambassadors

“Clothes should not become a deterrent to women’s fitness,” Ambassador of Pinkathon Saree Run. Read more: https://bit.ly/2HrziQA

Posted by Platocast on Monday, November 23, 2020

The Ambassador of Pinkathon, Sonali Mehta spoke about her experience with Platocast: “The reason to wear saree is to signify “our unity in diversity,” different states have different types of sarees. All of them wore saree according to their culture and what was comfortable to them.” People look at women running in sarees in a strange way because the idea of running involves, t-shirts, crop-tops tights, and very lean and skinny people. “I think people of different size categories can just run and be happy,” said Sandhya Lal Challapalli who ran 5 kilometers in Maharashtra’s traditional Nauvari.

The reason and inspiration of this run was to pay tribute to Rani Laxmi Bai in remembrance of her birth anniversary who wore a 9 yard saree to fight in the war. Contrasting saree and fitness together in this unique initiative has brought women across different stages and ages of their lives together to show that nothing holds them back towards a better and fitter version of themselves. Every woman has distinctive strength which allows her to put on multiple roles, and yet it doesn’t hold her back from being the best version of herself.

Ajit Rajani Pathak Ambassador of the Pinkathon Saree run said that “Running is a gift, I strongly believe and advocate running for everybody, especially women, they should pick up running as a part of their daily routine. Running in a specific attire? No, it’s not really necessary. In fact, we have ladies who ran inter-city, which is a distance of 165 kilometers, who have actually run wearing sarees. So it isn’t necessary that there should be an attire for running, whatever is comfortable is the best.” He further stated, “This run emphasized the fact that a mere element such as dressing can stop no woman from striving towards fitness”.

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