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Two brothers from Bihar school develop unique COVID alert device

Two high school students from Patna have joined hands to develop a COVID alert device to measure temperature and practice social distancing. This comes at a time when the second wave of coronavirus has gripped the nation.

The two students — Arpit Kumar of class 12 student and his brother Abhijeet Kumar of Class 10 — from Bihar Bal Bhawan Kilkari started working on the COVID alert device during the lockdown last year. They worked on the ‘Contactless Temperature and Distance Measuring (CTDM)’ for four months.

The Kilkari has provided the boys with a scientific platform and other logistic support, impressed by their work. “Both Arpit Kumar and Abheejit Kumar, who come from middle-class families of Patna, have set an example of technical excellence shown in developing this unique device. They have worked hard on the device that is now registered by the patent office of the central government,” said Jyoti Parihar, director of the Kilkari.

Arpit told The New Indian Express that the device, which is the size of a badge, can be pinned on to their clothes. “As soon as someone with a high temperature above the normal level comes to the close proximity of this device, the person wearing it will get an alert,” he said.

The device, an advanced modified miniature version working on the formula of Infrared Sensitivity (IS), also helps the user in maintaining physical distancing in the crowd.

“This custom compact device (shapes of illustrates a ‘Badge) measures the surface temperature of a body and receives data processed through a microcontroller at mega 328P,” the two students, who worked on the device from May to August last year, claimed.

The device was registered with the official agency with the help of Kilkari. On March 5 this year, the two students received the certification from the patent office in Mohali.

“We are in touch with several companies that manufacture devices and have started the consultation with some Bihar-based industrialists who can take it to the production level for the larger benefit of those battling this deadly virus,” said Parihar. She further said that the Kilkari offers support and opportunities to those children who do not get the same at their schools and homes.

The boys’ father is a nursing staff in the private sector.

“Young researchers like them get the right opportunities at the Bihar Kilkari Bal Bhawan which falls under the education department of the state government. The two brothers have also published their research papers at such an impressively young age,” she said.

Among various other awards that the duo has won are the RICOH Sustainable Awards-2020, CSIR-CIASC-2020.

They received guidance to create the device from Manju Kumari, the institutional mentor and science trainer at Kilkari and the central electronics and the Engineering Research Institute Pilani in Rajasthan.

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