Five stories that restore our faith in humanity amid Covid-19 crisis


From a Ranchi tribal woman providing free meals to Covid-affected families, to a Vellore vet providing free oxygen concentrators to Covid patients, here are five stories that restore our faith in humanity.

The COVID-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc around the world, and India is in a state of despair, today more than ever. Hospitals and crematoriums are witnessing unending queues every day. People are begging for hospital beds and oxygen, and dying in the absence of both.

The country is on its knees. Cries for help are going unanswered. India is devastated.

Despite everything that is bad, however, it is essential that we look at the bright side once in a while, but address the issues at the same time. In times as trying as these amid the Covid pandemic, here are five stories from India, among many others, that restore our faith in humanity:

  • Hyderabad man provides free medicine, food to people in rural areas

D Surender Babu from Hyderabad has been running a web portal called ‘Feed The Poor’, an initiative which aims to aid people in the rural areas by providing food and medicines, reported The New Indian Express. Surender and his team get donations from those who wish to help.

“We often neglect the people who live in rural areas during the time of crisis. The fact is that they are the ones who are most affected. People affected by coronavirus in villages do not have enough financial support, so I decided to provide them with minimal facilities. People can check out and then fill in their details as to what they want to donate,” Surender said.

“We will come and pick it up from their mentioned addresses or they can also donate medicines and groceries through online sites where these sites would drop them to our address and we would distribute them to the people who are in need of it,” he added.

  • Ranchi tribal woman provides free meals to families affected by Covid-19

Nisha Bhagat, a tribal woman who runs a café in Ranchi, is providing free breakfast, lunch and dinner to families suffering from Covid-19.

“Since the food goes to the ailing people, I take extra care of nutrition and cleanliness. In breakfast, we cook things poha, idli, upma along with a boiled egg, while in lunch we make rice, roti, green vegetables and salad. In dinner, one vegetable and chapatis are given,” The New Indian Express quoted Nisha as saying.

“More than anything else, it is the blessings of the people who get what I serve them. It gives me immense satisfaction and inner strength to continue with my work,” she adds.

  • Vellore vet provides free oxygen concentrators to Covid patients in need

Amid the Coronavirus crisis, a veterinary surgeon in Vellore has been providing free oxygen concentrators to patients in need. Dr R Ravishankar, employed with the Poly Clinic run by Animal Husbandry Department (AH D) as a veterinary assistant surgeon (VAS), has been helping Covid patients in home quarantine.

“I purchased the devices recently. They are being given to provide oxygen support to home-quarantined positive patients whose oxygen saturation levels drop below 83,” The New Indian Express quoted the vet as saying. “The saturation level improves in five to seven days, then we remove the equipment and take it to some other patient.”

“It’s heart wrenching to see people struggling to get oxygen support in hospitals. In our State too, the infection is spreading fast. So I thought of purchasing oxygen concentrators and reaching out to needy patients,” Ravishankar added.

  • Nagpur Sikh man provides free food on his two-wheeler to needy amid Covid crisis

Amid the Covid crisis, Jamshed Singh Kapoor, 41, an astrologer, is running his mobile ‘Langar Seva’, providing  ‘dal khichdi’ to hundreds of people for five hours starting 3 pm.

“Earlier, only the underprivileged and poor used to come to get food. But with small eateries remaining shut due to the pandemic and the restrictions, people from all walks of life avail this service,” The New Indian Express quoted Jamshed as saying.

Supporting him in his initiative, some people donate rice and pulses so that he continues to serve the needy.

  • Jharkhand man drives 1,200 km in 15 hours to provide oxygen cylinders to Covid-infeccted friend

In a heartwarming incident, a man from Ranchi travelled to Noida to make oxygen cylinders available for his ailing childhood friend, who tested positive for Covid-19 and was left with oxygen supply of only 10 hours, reported The New Indian Express.

Devendra Kumar Rai, 34, travelled over 1,200 kilometers non-stop by car to help his ailing friend, Sachin Kumar Singh, who is out of danger now.


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