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“Crochet is our culture and Heritage,” says Bipasha Paul

Crochet is an art that is stereotyped to be for old people. But Bipasha Paul from Kolkata is a craftswoman who has maintained it even today.

There are so many art forms that represented the culture and heritage of our country, but so many art forms are dying in this modern technological world. One such rarely practiced art is crochet. This is an art form that is stereotyped to be for old people who crochet to spend their time. But Bipasha Paul from Kolkata is a craftswoman who has maintained the art of crochet even today. Through her Facebook page, Bipasha sells some beautiful dolls like Crochet Dinosaur, Tigers, also as the stereotypes go about the relation with old people and crochet, and she has crafted an old couple which attracts a lot of attention on social media.

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In Conversation with Bipasha Paul

Meet Bipasha Paul, a Crochet Artist from Kolkata who is striving to keep the art form alive. Read more: https://bit.ly/3fPV513

Posted by Platocast on Monday, November 30, 2020

Based out of West Bengal, Bipasha Paul is currently living in Ranchi where she practices crochet. While speaking to Platocast about why has she maintained this art form, Bipasha said: “I’ve learned this from my mother, I would see her crafting many things, embroidery, and crochet, so I learned this from her and slowly in the growing ages of my life, crochet became my passion. This art is something that we don’t see around anymore, but I feel good doing this and I wish that this art stays around, because embroidery, knitting, crocheting is  part of our culture and tradition, so it is important that we maintain this art for the upcoming generation.”

Young Bipasha would always see her mother, grandmother work on this art and create many beautiful things. “People need not look at it as a profession or anything but this art needs to be maintained,” Bipasha said. She supports this art very much and those who are willing to learn from her, there are many in that case, she takes that up as an initiative even though she claims to not be an expert in what she does, her passion and love towards the art has driven many people to recognize it again.

“My friends and family members encouraged me that this art that I have carried on should be recognized and so I created a Facebook page on which I upload all the work that I do on a regular basis so that people are aware that I am regular at what I love and doing this with passion,” Bipasha said when she was asked about the reason behind the creation of her Facebook page “The Ultimate Crochet Love.”

“The response has been great, since the time I slowly started uploading pictures of my work, people are now really appreciating my work and recognizing it with memories their own relation to crochet, which is also the reason my interest grew more in this art form.”

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