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Dinesh Mohan: A 61 y/o Model and Actor

Every festive season brings a lot of sweets and good treats which everyone is waiting to devour. Such yummy food is an invitation to overeating, and with overeating comes excess body weight and obesity. Now the question is, whether we are going to trade overeating with a fit and healthy life? Well, let’s derive motivation from Dinesh Mohan, who took up the challenge of turning his life around in his late 50’s.

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In Conversation with Dinesh Mohan

Meet Dinesh Mohan, the master of his own destiny and life. He is popularly known as the silver fox of India. Read more: https://bit.ly/3kA6i6C

Posted by Platocast on Sunday, November 15, 2020

61 y/o Dinesh Mohan, with his style and demeanor, has carried fashion trends like torn jeans with his handlebar mustache as his trademark. Popularly known as the ‘Silver Fox’ by Instagram followers, Dinesh Mohan has been a part of photo shoots, ramp walks. In 2019, three movies, which he starred in were released, one of them was Salman Khan’s Bharat, and he will soon be seen in Malayalam movies as well as more Hindi movies.

To achieve this finely chiseled body which Dinesh Mohan today has, wasn’t an easy journey. He was glued to the chair working for the Haryana Government’s Education Department. This eating disorder took a heavy toll on his physical and mental health. Being bedridden and ill five years ago, weighing 130 kilograms, and being fed up with this rotten state, Dinesh Mohan expressed how this condition motivated him to change his life forever.

Dinesh Mohan talks about his incredible story with a will to fight against his eating disorder and the excess weight gain. Due to this physical condition, Dinesh Mohan took voluntary retirement in 2004 in order to focus on his real life, and that was the first time he joined the gym. “I took the road to recovery instead of destruction, the struggle was mentally tough and I failed many times, but I never lost heart. I was determined to transform myself physically and mentally.”

His weight came down to 71 kilograms after four years of workout and a healthy diet, which was too frail for a body height of six feet. But with weight training, he gained his muscle weight, which today, with a surprising 81 kilograms body weight, he is an inspiring example of what can one achieve with determination.

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