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Divya Tata: She turns breast milk into keepsake Jewellery

Breast Milk Jewellery! Isn’t that an amazing and a very unique invention? Well, Divya Tata is the inventor of such an amazing concept. Her childhood passion for arts and craft has brought her to start this exciting venture of making jewellery from breast milk.

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In Conversation with Divya Tata

Divya Tata, she makes beautiful jewellery from breast milk. Read more about her: https://bit.ly/3iXB60q

Posted by Platocast on Tuesday, October 13, 2020

While speaking to Platocast, Divya expressed “I’m happy that I am able to do it for many mothers. Breastfeeding is not a normal thing, it is like being born again with the newborn baby, sharing so much of love, and bonding to commemorate those memories, these keepsakes will help them to cherish their breastfeeding journeys and moments forever.”

Originally from Andhra Pradesh, but residing in Bangalore, she has completed her Masters in Pharmacy. For the first time, Divya experimented with her own breast milk in 2016 when she had her first child. It took almost two years in order to master the technique with the necessary resources. Realizing her true commitment to the craft, she started taking orders from friends and family, also creating a Facebook page so that she is recognized for her work.

There was skepticism in the initial stages of this venture. She was worried about how would people react to this concept. “I’ve seen two categories of people, first category of people supports my concept, saying that it is a very meaningful idea and very memorable, and the second one would call it gross and say it is a bad idea. But the journey of a breast-feeding mother can only be understood by another one. The pain and struggle she goes through. When I present jewellery as per their order, the satisfaction and happiness they express satisfies me way too much.”

Divya takes orders from major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. Also, it is slowly reaching other parts of the country as well. She also gets orders from the US and UK, whenever they are visiting India and get to know about the Breast Milk Jewellery, they get it done from Divya. Apart from breast milk, she also makes jewellery with Umbilical cord stump, nails, baby’s first hair locks, and milk teeth. Divya is also working on introducing a Do It Yourself (DIY) kit for those interesting in trying these craftworks for themselves.

Like every struggling woman and a mother, Divya Tata sends out a message that “financial Independence is important for every woman, which I’ve seen from my mother, my mother always used to tell me the same thing, she is financially independent and she expects the same from me. In India, circumstances will change for women after marriage, please don’t get depressed. I believe that we as women are multi-talented and multi-tasking. There’s a lot of hidden talent in us, let’s identify and bring them up.”

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