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Don’t just go jogging, go “Plogging!”

Imagine going for a morning walk or a jog and the street that you take is littered with garbage everywhere, disgusting right? Now, imagine jogging back through the same route to head back home and all that garbage on the street just disappears! Amazed at how this happened? Well, the answer to your question is, ‘Ploggers.”

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In Conversation with Vivek Gaurav

Meet Vivek Gurav, the man behind Pune’s Ploggers community. Read more: https://bit.ly/349GdGw

Posted by Platocast on Saturday, October 17, 2020

Starting this as a personal routine, Vivek Gurav from Pune has inspired many people in the city to practice this activity as a routine to maintain cleanliness on the roads. Plogging is basically a combination of two activities, jogging and picking up trash. A community in Sweden starting plogging in 2018 which today is adapted by many countries as an activity to keep their country clean. Being inspired by this, Vivek started plogging in Pune, slowly forming a community, and today there are around 500 active ploggers in the city, doing this activity consistently for a year.

While talking to Platocast Vivek said: “The basically started plogging with a very simple agenda, and that was to address the mindset of the entire city. The basic problem we found was, their habit of littering in public places. And that’s what we wanted to solve. When we started plogging drives in the city, people approached us with question like: Why are we doing, and why are we doing this? But the answer to all these questions was simple, we were doing this address the problems due to open littering and throwing garbage at dumping spots.”

When he first shifted to Pune for higher studies, he noticed a major problem in the city that people littered a lot in the open and a lot of garbage is dumped in public places. This is when he decided to take a step to change this littering habit, and to change that, it was important to address the peoples’ mindset, to make them aware of the problems that happen due to open dumping of plastic and other chemical waste. Plogging was an innovative idea across the world which was also the best way to create awareness and attract a lot of attention towards this.

Pune ploggers is an active community of 500 ploggers across the city, also some ploggers from different areas who have been actively plogging every weekend. Till date we have collected 100 tons waste across the city which includes, dry and wet waste and also plastic. All the plastic we have collected has been to sent to major firms to recycle and upcycle the waste

“I personally started plogging, by taking up the 30-day plogging challenge, I told my friends about it and they joined the initiative. After that, we approached people through social media, most of the volunteers who have joined us, approached through social media and mouth publicity, and a lot of them saw us plogging in the different parts of the city, and they randomly approached us. Which is why today we have an active community of 500 plogging volunteers.”

In the beginning stages there wasn’t any active community in the city, it started as a very basic idea to address peoples’ mindset and make them aware of the issues, but now as a bigger community we are actively working in different phases like, plastic recycling, waste management and tree plantation and now also progressing towards zero-waste life as well.


Apart from plogging there is another concept Vivek and his community has been working on, that is “Eco Brick.” “A very simple concept where you make bricks out of plastic bottles or any plastic waste at your home. A simple idea where even kids can be involved. This mission started during the pandemic itself, when the lockdown started. Today we have more than 25,000 Eco Bricks.” He also said: “Whatever choices we make in our daily life should be very sustainable, if you are shopping something or buying anything, we should talk about the impact of the packing that comes with those products, everything is wrapped in plastic and we all know that plastic is harmful to nature and  to us as humans. Major problems can be solved by changing a few small habits and those small things can make a big impact on our lives.”

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