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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Kerala: Elephant dung, deer scat to be turned into bio-manure & biogas under cleanliness project

In a unique initiative undertaken in Kerala by Koovappady block panchayat member M P Prakash, elephant dung and deer scat at the Abhayaranyam Eco-Tourism Centre will be used to produce bio-manure and biogas under the Abhayaranyam cleanliness project. 

The initiative, undertaken by Paraksh, the Welfare Standing Comm4ttee chairman of the block panchayat, is being implemented with the support of Shuchitwa Mission and the block panchayat. 

The project was launched on Sunday, November 8, and is a first-of-its-kind project necessary for managing the waste generated here.

The eco-tourism centre, which is spread over around 250 acres in the Periyar Valley in Koovappady, is home to six elephants and over 300 deer. 

“Due to the accumulation of animal poop and other waste materials and the lack of facilities to scientifically treat the waste, the area has been witnessing serious environmental issues. During monsoon, the waste materials flow into the Periyar. The other problems are the stench emanating from the area and the increasing mosquito menace. The residents and visitors have been complaining about the issues. This prompted us to think about the project,” The New Indian Express quoted Prakash as saying.

“A healthy elephant excretes around 100-150kg dung a day and it cannot be directly used as manure. Hence, it should be converted into bio-manure. The Forest Department has given maximum support to the project. Ten aerobic compost bins have been installed at the facility. The plan is to supply the bio-manure to farmers at a reasonable price,” he added.

Two floating drum biogas plants have been installed for processing deer scat. Each day, the plant can collectively treat 100 kg of waste, and the per-day capacity of the plant is 4 kg of biogas.

The gas that is produced will be connected to the big burners used for cooking food for elephants. 

While `15 lakh of the total project cost was allotted by the Koovappady block panchayat, `4 lakh was availed under Gobardhan project of Suchitwa Mission.

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