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Here’s why AB de Villiers became Paritosh Pant

Feeding from Far is a community kitchen in Govandi started by Paritosh Pant to feed nutritious meals to the poor twice a day since the time of the lockdown.

So, Paritosh Pant, a COVID Hero talks to Platocast about his noble initiative ‘Feeding from Far‘ and how AB de Villiers became Paritosh Pant on the field.


Watch the video here:

In Conversation with Paritosh Pant

Paritosh Pant, a COVID Hero who has inspired Ab de Villiers this IPL. Read more about him: https://bit.ly/3najO3m

Feeding From Far

Posted by Platocast on Thursday, October 1, 2020

Paritosh is in the restaurant business and he started ‘Project Feeding from Far’ to feed the underprivileged section in the lockdown. Paritosh says, “I was busy flaunting my kitchen skills on Facebook Live and ranting as usual on how the system is not doing enough, the basic grouse of every Indian who earns a decent living for themselves” A lot of Paritosh’s friends replied asking him to take the lead in doing something. “I am locked in too, I can’t do anything”, he told them, while the thought kept nagging him as he spent his days indoors keeping himself busy. Things started coming together when he was cooking pao. “Pao is a staple diet for a lot of people in Maharashtra and the thought that I am not just privileged enough to have pao, but to have access to the raw materials to make pao hit me strongly enough to realise that people don’t have access to basic nutrition right now”.

Talking about how he executed his plan, Paritosh says, “Then came the idea of a community kitchen in an area, giving the people of that area funding, expertise and resources they need but letting them figure out the solution to their own problem. I put this idea online pouring my heart out in a post, which is where I started trying to garner help for my intention to provide a staple nutrient-rich diet to people in need. One of the first people to reply was Pooja on Facebook. She brought in all the help with legalities and funding”.

He took to Twitter to thank the Proteas star for this initiative.

People like Paritosh teach us that little things can make huge difference if we really want to.

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