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Floating Ambulance Built By A COVID-19 Survivor Is Expected To Help Thousands In Srinagar’s Dal Lake

Tariq Ahmad Patloo, a house boat realised the difficulty to get medical support as nobody would row the COVID-19 victims cross the water of Dal lake. Hence, he came up with boat ambulance service after he was tested positive.

Floating ambulance for the first time ever introduced by a Covid-19 survivor is expected to help many in the water region of Kashmir.

Dal Lakh, Kashmir
Image: wikipedia

The COVID-19 outbreak has it all over the globe and India was one among the worst-hit countries. In one among the regions of the country, Kashmir had also witnessed many cases.

The crown-state of India is famous for tourism and is dependent on the revenue. Due to the lockdown, tourism was hit badly.

A houseboat owner from Dal Lake in Kashmir, Tariq Ahmad Patloo was was also tested COViD-19 positive.

Dal Lake is well known for Shikaras, that the houses are formed on boats. The people who were affected by the virus faced issues to reach hospitals to avail medical help across the lake.

Tariq Ahmad Patloo’s Initiative

Tariq Ahmad Patloo realised the difficulty to get medical support as nobody would row the COVID-19 victims cross the water.

He soon came up with a concept that helped many. He created a floating ambulance to fight against COViD-19 two months ago when he was tested positive.

While he was infected, he faced difficulties to reach for medical care as he had to travel to the place where the treatment is given.

He speaking to ANI said, “At that time when I tested positive for coronavirus, nobody came forward to help me except my friend who provided me with a boat to reach the hospital.

“It hurt me a lot and I decided to make the special floating ambulance on boat aimed to help thousands of dwellers who are living in houseboats.”

“People of Dal Lake are facing dozens of problems including health-related issues and they are not getting proper treatment at the time of emergency. So this floating ambulance which is under process will play a vital role to save the life of dwellers of Dal Lake ever in future,” he further added.

Floating Ambulance

Image: Indiatoday

The boat ambulance has health facilities and is helping thousands who are residing near the lake region.

Tariq Ahmad Patloo said, “The ambulance will provide proper health services to people during an emergency. I will try my best to keep all basic facilities including oxygen cylinder, ECG, Oximeter, wheelchair and stretcher, and a toll-free number written on it so that people can contact easily.”

Describing the boat ambulance Riyaz Ahmad, boat ambulance mechanic said that the vessel was built by wood and iron sheets.

The ambulance is of 35 feet long with six feet of a gap in the middle of the boat.

Bilal Ahmad, a boat dweller said, “There are many incidents on the Dal Lake in which doctors say that if the patients come before 3 to 4 minutes, he could have saved his life. This facility will save time to reach a hospital.”

“It will be helpful to tourists as well because during peak tourist season thousands of people from across the world visit the valley. If they fall sick, they need treatment. Now we can provide them timely treatment through this facility.”

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