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Forest Bathing: Where the habitat becomes your therapist

Forest Therapy or Forest Bathing is not like a trek or any other forest adventure. It simply means to be in the complete arrest of nature with our five senses Sight, Smell, Sound, Touch, and Taste.

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In Conversation with Dipika Sinha

Meet Dipika Sinha, she is bridging the gap between humans and nature with the help of Forest Bathing Therapy. Read more about her: https://bit.ly/3ndyPlb


Posted by Platocast on Saturday, October 3, 2020


Forest Bathing in India

Dipika Sharma is a Forest Bathing Guide in Delhi, Born and brought up in Assam and Darjeeling amidst nature. Her life consists of gathering a lot of memories from Forest Walks and Treks in the hills. Her love for nature led her to Forest bathing and she spent weekends Bird watching in Sanctuaries near Delhi Ncr. In 2019 August she traveled to Ireland and trained to be Forest Bathing Guide with The European Forest Therapy Institute. Dipika is now leading the forest bathing walks in India.

There are no defined rules for forest-bathing. All you need to do is to involve yourself in a forest, walking or sitting, or both for an hour. The pace should be slow; there should be no objectives — no bird-watching with binoculars or trekking to a lookout point.

While talking to Platocast, Dipika also mentioned that it is high time for us to give it back to nature and take care of it. She feels that we all should take a little break from our daily life and take a digital detox to feel rejuvenated and get back our energy and mind on track.

The benefits of Forest Bathing India

Re-balances your mind

Digital Detox

Reduces stress

Improves immunity | Focus |Concentration

Lowers blood pressure | Cortisol Levels (stress hormones)

Soothing support for sore muscles

Increases Clarity | Creativity | Natural Killer cells

Accelerates your recovery from illness

Mood-boosting effects.

Lowered inflammation.

Clearer skin

Better Sleep

“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair”

(― Khalil Gibran)


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