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Goa RPF guard saves passenger who slipped trying to board moving train, earns praises

The accident could have turned fatal had Head Constable KM Patil’s quick thinking not saved his life.

A Railway Protection Force (RPF) guard in Goa has earned praises after a video of the constable saving an unidentified passenger who slipped while trying to board a moving train, went viral.

The passenger was trying to board a train at Goa’s Vasco da Gama station when he lost his balance and slipped into the platform gap, an incident that occurred on Thursday evening, March 11. He was trying to board the Vasco-Patna Express although it was already pulling out of the platform.

The accident could have turned fatal had Head Constable KM Patil’s quick thinking not saved his life. Patil immediately jumped into action to save his life. 

In a video released by the Ministry of Railways, the alert RPF guard from Goa can be seen running to the passenger and dragging him away from the platform gap just in time.

“At Vasco station, a passenger tried to board the moving train 02741 Vasco-Patna Express & slipped into the gap between platform and train,” wrote the Ministry of Railways while sharing the footage on Twitter.

The video received over 14,000 views and lots of reactions from viewers who appreciated the cop for being brave.

“Brave RPF officer,” wrote one person in the comments section.

“Thanks for saving a life,” another wrote.

In February this year, an RPF personnel’s presence of mind saved the life of a differently-abled man by preventing him from falling under a moving train at a railway station in Maharashtra’s Panvel.

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